Negotiate skill


"I found a job and will be moving. When they offered me a contract, I countered, and asked for a higher base salary, an opportunity to be eligible for a bonus by end of year and more moving costs. They accepted all of it! I would not have thought about a counter offer had it not been for you."
Sue Mersch
"This course is one of those courses that is universally useful. We negotiate in so many areas of life. This course gives you a tool to do it so much more effectively. Very good course."
Theresa Garces Johnson
“I got confidence to enhance and build on my negotiating skills on many levels and in all aspects of my life. I'm compelled to pay more attention to the way I communicate throughout the day--with a set goal in mind--and the confidence necessary to deliver effectively."
Georgina Lee
"WOW!! What a wonderful course filled with insight and examples. Thanks for compiling such a comprehensive course that is truly helping me to grow in my life and business."
Dr. Taffy Wagner
"I was able to go above and beyond my former comfort zone with confidence and ask for what I know I’m worth."
Kay Bradford