About Us

The Institute for Adult Communication specializes in breakthrough coaching designed to empower speaking. We help build the skills and confidence you need to communicate powerfully and effectively with your partner, family, friends and colleagues in ways that help you be heard, taken seriously, and increase how often you get what you need and want around money, family and career.

Most people don’t walk around saying to themselves, “You know, I need to improve my communication”. For most of us, we assume that we are already “experts” at communication and what it means to communicate. The truth is, we are not. Most people have no idea what type of speaking causes distance and pain and what kind causes closeness and intimacy – and with which people. Instead, people quietly give up and “take the hand they are dealt in life”.

At the IAC, we believe there is another way. At the IAC, we believe that as a culture, we have no respect for our communication or its impact on others or on ourselves.

We see the power of your communication being as crucial to your health and well-being as getting good nutrition, rest and exercise.

Communication is the most powerful tool we have to create and manage our lives. An investment in improving communication is an investment in improving the quality of your life in all areas. We believe there is no “improve your life” without the investment of “improve your communication”.

What real people saying about their real results:

“My coaching sessions have been life changing in my approach to genuinely and effectively communicate with men.”

– Tracy Coe, Pilates Instructor, Redondo Beach, CA

“Thank you, IAC, for a very empowering coaching. I have learned tools to apply in my life, and I have gained breakthrough results.”

– Anjel Gunnarshaug, Studio City, CA

The IAC provides individual and group coaching as well as leads seminars on a variety of communication-related topics, such as differences in masculine and feminine communications styles, uncovering the instincts that drive our communication, how to produce intimacy, how to most powerfully ask for help, how to have your requests and offers come back with a “Yes!” more often, and uncovering how you speak to yourself and revealing its impact on your life.

We are committed to helping men and women create their most fulfilled lives through improving the power and effectiveness of their communication.

We look forward to hearing from you!