How we work

IAC programs and coaching methods are based on research and evidence based, results oriented training.

We believe this approach is important for two reasons. First, we see our work as a counter to many commonly held social and cultural narratives that, though widely held, are often not rooted in fact or what we consider to be accurate thinking. The key outcomes of these widely held beliefs are inadequate or wholly absent solutions.  Second, the IAC holds that a deep research approach focussing on a number of disciplines followed by careful assessment of the results of our programs supports people in their real lives with the real challenges they face in ways the common narratives do not.

Our individual, group, and corporate clients face real challenges to their success and are committed to identifying and implementing solutions that support their personal, career, and business aims.

IAC solutions are repeatable, practical and effective. We focus on theory, practice and beneficial results.

So do our clients.