IAC for Men

Simon Gaston is an educated world traveler. He has mastered both French and German and is currently studying Mandarin and Russian. His background as a chemical engineer and business executive have put him in direct contact with a variety of cultures and people.   In his travels, communication is his stock and trade. Except when he gets back home to his girlfriend, Christina Hu. While he is deeply committed to his relationship with Christina, there are things that frustrate him that do not seem to have solutions consistent with his commitment. More commitment has not produced more ease between them. If fact, it can be said that things have gotten worse. Sometimes he questions where things are headed…and what he should do.

Western society is at a crossroads as it relates to gender generally and masculinity specifically.

Men are facing new choices and new roles in their communities, in their families and for themselves. While the choices themselves may be familiar ones, it is the landscape on which these choices must now be made that has changed radically. This change of equation requires new skills and new ways of looking at the world in order not only to survive but also to prosper.

A crucial component of these skills begins with how we communicate with ourselves and how we communicate with others; especially regarding our cross gender communication.

The bottom line: Men and women are not broken. However, the way men and women currently communicate with each other, for the most part, is. The trouble is most of us do not possess the communication tools needed to get results that are different from what we have been getting. Both sides need skills to interact with each other powerfully and effectively. They just happen to be an almost completely different set of skills for men as they are for women since men and women each have dramatically different learning styles and motivations for communicating.

The cost of not possessing these skills shows up a variety of predictable ways in terms of our health, our happiness, our incomes, our identities, and our self-esteem.

The Institute for Adult Communication will build your understanding of the mythical, biological and social attributes of how men operate, grow and deliver the tools you need to improve the results of your communication immediately and permanently. The IAC’s training provides the fundamentals to be effective and is based on the premise that once we learn to read we can then read almost any publication we encounter. It is these fundamentals that have been lost in western culture. It is in the area of communication that the IAC has a mission to restore.