IAC for Public Speaking

There is no greater tool for creating and managing our lives than our speaking.

We can craft our ideas in our thinking and certainly our writing but where our greatest potential for influence lives is in our speaking. Whether we are speaking to a single person, a small group, or to an auditorium, our effectiveness is a product of our embracing the multiple hats we must wear to have the impact we desire to have.

Having impact takes work. It takes practice, preparation, more practice, and a level of virtuosity that will enable you to “own” your stage. Yes, and sometimes this all needs to happen while you are a bit “nervous”.  But…it CAN be done and you Can do it.

IAC coaching for public speaking helps you reframe your outlook so that delivering value to your audience becomes your priority, your message becomes your vehicle, and you become a powerful messenger.

“I was overwhelmed when I was invited to testify in front of the US Congress. IAC coaching quickly enabled me to organize my thoughts, prioritize my message, and clarify my role. By the time I got to Washington, I was calm and confident. None of that would have been possible without the IAC.”

 Sylvia Thompson, President,
N.A.M.I. – West Los Angeles